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Partner 5. MBN Nanomaterialia.

Founded in 1994 MBN Nanomaterialia is company manufacturing nanostructured powder materials trough a proprietary mechano-chemical synthesis process technology. With an industrial production capacity of 150 ton/range, MBN’s mission is to bring nanotechnology from research environment to everyday life products offering to the market innovative nanomaterials that can be treated using the conventional powder metallurgy processes. The mechano-chemical approach is a flexible technology allowing the treatment of numerous material families. Exploiting mechano-chemical principles like materials nanostructuring, materials alloying, reactive milling and the enlarged formulation possibilities, the process can be driven to produce materials pertaining both the inorganic and the organic field like nanophased materials as metals, ceramics, metal alloys and activated systems; nanodispersions, reinforced polymers, polymeric alloys; metal/ceramic - polymeric composites, nanocharges, nanofluids. Typical output of the process is constituted by agglomerated powders in the micron-size range (i.e. 5-100μm) constituted by aggregates of nanocrystals and nanoparticles (i.e.

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Paolo Matteazzi: Professor of Metallurgy at mechanical engineering of University of Udine, he founded the company MBN in 1994. With a consolidated and well proved experience in promoting, coordinating and managing research projects at National and European level, Prof. Matteazzi is also Chairman of European Technology Platform on Nano-Micromanufacturing (MINAM) and acting Chair of NANOfutures ETIP (European Technology Innovation Platform). He is author of more than 200 scientific papers in materials science whose, more than 140, are in the field of powder technology and nanophased materials.


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