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Partner 6. UCL, University College London (Eastman Dental Institute).

The University College of London is a UK-based multidisciplinary entity operating at the forefront of science and technology. The College includes research entities such as the Eastman Dental Institute and the London Centre for nanotechnology, whose purpose is to solve global problems in information processing, healthcare, energy and environment through the application of nanoscience and nanotechnology. The Centre’s experimental research is supported by leading edge modelling, visualisation and theory through its access to state-of-the-art clean-room, characterisation, fabrication, manipulation and design laboratories. The Centre’s research entities combine and focus skills across several key departments; Chemistry, Physics, Materials, Medicine, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Biochemical Engineering and Earth Sciences. The College also has strong relationships with the broader nanotechnology and commercial communities and is involved in many major collaborations. As the world's only such facility located in the heart of a metropolis, in fact, UCL has superb access to corporate, investment and industrial partners. It is at the forefront of nanotechnology training and enjoys a strong media presence around educating the public and bringing transparency to this far-reaching and emerging science.

Key Persons


Laurent Bozec joined UCL Medicine in 2002 as a Research Fellow before being appointed in the department of Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering of UCL Eastman Dental Institute in 2007. Dr Bozec is affiliated to the London Centre for Nanotechnology, where he holds an honorary position and co-manages the Scanning Probe Microscopy Suite (>£1.5M equipment). Prior to this appointment, he completed his PhD, at Lancaster University (Physics), where he successfully developed a novel technique to commercialisation, Photothermal Microspectrometry (PTMS) which is now being used as a novel tool in stem cells research. He is now recognised for his expertise in Atomic Force Microscopy and has been involved in the development of scientific laboratories across Europe in academia. Since he joined UCL, his research has focussed mainly on the mechano-structural properties of collagen at the meso/nanoscale (12 publications; IF=20.7 Nature Nanotechnology – IF=9.6 – Nanotechnology– and PNAS).


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