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Partner 7. UPCEFR, University of Pardubice – Faculty of Restoration.

The Faculty of Restoration in Litomysl as a part of the University Pardubice and one of the seven Faculties was established in 2005 in continuation of the Institute of Restoration and Conservation Techniques which was founded in Litomyšl in 1993. The Faculty includes: Studio of Restoration of Wall Painting and Sgraffito, Studio of Restoration of Stone and Related Materials, Studio of Restoration of Paper, Bookbinding and Documents, Studio of Restoration and Conservation of Artworks on Paper and Related Materials, Department of Chemistry and Technology of Restoration, Department of Humanities. The course scheme at UPCEFR is aimed at training in the above areas branches using up-to-date knowledge and methods as well as specific theoretical knowledge in order to provide a thorough understanding of science and art history, a practical experience of materials, techniques and technology of restoration with the awareness of the interdisciplinary context. The Faculty (and the Institute before) has performed the investigation and restoration of different monuments and historical facades and participated also in national and international research projects.

Key Persons


Karol Bayer studied at the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava, Slovakia, Faculty of Chemical Technology , Macromolecular Chemistry; during the study program specialization in the Department of "Chemistry and technology of conservation and restoration of art objects " at the University of Chemical Technology in Prague. Since 1995, employees of the Institute for Restoration and Conservation Techniques in Litomyšl (since 2005 Faculty of Restoration, University of Pardubice ), Czech Republic, Head of the Department of Chemical Technology of Restoration.

Petr Justa is a restorer and a conservation scientist. In 1981 he graduated from the Department of Chemical Technology of Monumnet Conservation at the Prague Institute of Chemical Technology, Czech Republic. Additional studies at: 1989 University of London, Institute of Archaeology; 1992 TNRICP, Tokyo, Internship of the Japan Foundation. Since 2009 he is Vice-Dean for Science and International Affairs at University of Pardubice, Faculty of Restoration.


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