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Partner 8. BC, Birkbeck College – University of London.

Birkbeck has over the last 20 years specialised in the application of advanced analytical techniques, in particular thermo-analytical and dynamic mechanical techniques to the characterisation of complex cultural objects. Collaborative projects initially with the Courtauld Institute of Art, London, involved characterisation of canvas supported paintings and development of new methods for monitoring the effects of conservation treatment involving localised humidification of paintings and solvent cleaning of varnished surfaces. Dielectric spectroscopy in the microwave region was applied to monitoring changes on humidification of paintings and apatent is held in this application. Projects included collaborative work with the Tate Conservation Department on the effect of deacidification of paintings and the Opificio Pietre Dure in Florence on the characterisation of materials in both panel paintings and wall paintings. An approach was developed using differential scanning calorimetry for categorising different classes of binding media and the effect of pigments on media. Major collaborative projects included work during restoration of Il Duomo in Florence, collaborative projects with Tate, Britain supported by EU network for training of young researchers on 19th century paint media, EU projects with the School of Conservation in Copenhagen on Micro-methods for the Analysis of Parchment (MAP) and damage assessment of leather/parchment (IDAP).

Key Persons


Marianne Odlyha: Senior Lecturer and Manager of the Thermal Methods and Conservation Science Centre at Birkbeck College originally trained as a solid state chemist. She specialised in pigment and binding medium characterisation at the Doerner Institute, Munich, Germany and at the Courtauld Institute of Art in London (1988/89). She continued her research within the Analytical Chemistry group at Birkbeck College and in the framework of several EU funded projects focussed on the application of advanced analytical techniques to cultural heritage objects (paintings, parchment and tapestry). Research has also involved development and application of a dielectric probe for monitoring moisture content during humidification and development of quartz crystal microbalance dosimeters for monitoring microclimates, especially within paint frames. Her research has resulted in over 90 publications in refereed journals, book chapters, and international lectures.


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