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Partner 9. ZFB Zentrum für Bucherhaltung GmbH.

ZFB is a professional service partner for libraries, archives and museums. The company has the leading position with respect to technical expertise among the European providers of conservation services and has the largest capacities for mass deacidification in Europe besides several specially developed techniques like the semi-industrial paper-splitting. ZFB has established a separate R&D department for development of new conservation methods and quality management. For chemical and physical investigations on paper, there is a laboratory available with permanent staff member. The ZFB – Zentrum für Bucherhaltung GmbH has much experience in the field of book, paper, leather and textiles. Besides the necessary qualified personnel (amongst others two specialised graduate conservators), the company possesses all significant technologies (aqueous treatment, deacidification, paper stabilisation, cleaning methods, etc.). The section of book binding conservation in the ZFB has wide experiences in the handling of leather, wood, metal and textile.

Key Persons


Manfred Anders is a chemist and the Managing Director at ZFB. He received his PhD on "Analysis of paper ageing and preservation of damaged papers by deacidification and consolidation." at the University of Stuttgart. From 1999 to 2007 he was a member of the IADA board (professional association of paper conservators). Since 1997 he is Course instructor at the Buchbinderkolleg Stuttgart (chemistry for conservators), and since 2006 lecturer at the University for Applied Sciences Hildesheim.
Stefan Dummling received his PhD in 2000. He is Development Engineer and Project Leader in the ZFB Project Management. His tasks include development of methods for the preparation of nano dispersions in polar and non polar solvents with chemical and mechanical methods (agitator ball mill), particle size measurements, project planning, patent- and literature research, thermodynamic and dimensioning calculations for several components of improved deacidification plant.
Nicole Klinger received her Conservator Degree at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design (Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Stuttgart) in 2003, following a Study course Conservation and preservation of graphics, archival and librarian materialand is Head of Conservation at ZFB.
Markus Ziegler is a Chemical-technical assistant in the area of Quality assurance, research and development with the centre for book preservation at ZFB. He received his Bachelor of Science chemistry at the university of Leipzig in 2007.


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