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Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee is constituted by few experts in the field of conservation science, education, cultural institutions, and practical restoration, external from the partnership, with a consulting activity in exploitation and dissemination. The committee will participate in meetings between partners and the coordinator, and will monitor the development of the different phases of the project.


René Larsen: (No info available at the moment.)
Matija Strlič is Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Heritage at UCL. He is a chemist by profession, but has done most of his research on materials stability and environmental monitoring and modelling, with particular reference to historic materials and environments. He has a strong track record in academic research and is currently leading the large AHRC/EPSRC Collections Demography project on modelling of materials, environment and use in heritage collections. His research focusses on new scientific tools for material characterisation, new methods for environmental monitoring, in particular volatile organic compounds, and building modelling for the purpose of optimising the management of environment and energy use in heritage buildings.
Lilia Rivero Weber: (No info available at the moment.)

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