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NANOFORART Conference: "Nanotechnology Applied to Cultural Heritage: Wall Paintings/Cellulose"

The Instituto Nacional de Antropologìa e Historia (INAH), together with the Escuela Nacional de Conservaciòn, Restauraciòn y Museografia and the Museo Nacional de Antropologia have organized a conference called:


"Nanotecnologìa Aplicada a Bienes Culturales - Pintura Mural | Celulosa"


and held by Prof. Piero Baglioni and Dr. Rodorico Giorgi, from CSGI, University of Florence.


The conference will take place on Thursday 7th of February at the Aula Magna of the Escuela Nacional, starting from 11:00.



Download the conference flyer.


For further information, please find contact information here.


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