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E-MRS Spring Meeting



During the international E-MRS (European Materials Research Society) Spring Meeting, held in Strasbourg (26th - 30th May 2013), some of the results obtained in the frame of NANOFORART project about cleaning and deacidification of  works of art have been presented to the audience with two talks and two posters.

Here are reported the titles of the contributions presented in Symposium Y - "Protecting and securing our cultural heritage: diagnostics, characterization, conservation and restoration":


"Surfactant-based Nanofluids for the Cleaning of Works of Art" (Talk)

"Calcium hydroxide nanoparticles for the conservation of cultural heritage: new formulations for the deacidification of cellulose-based artifacts" (Talk)

"Chemical semi-IPN hydrogels for cleaning of easel paintings" (Poster)

"Carbonation of Ca(OH)2 nanoparticles for the consolidation of immovable works of art. A kinetic study" (Poster)


For further information about the meeting, please refer to the official website.



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