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NANOFORART Conferences in Mexico City - Report

The NANOFORART Conferences, held in Mexico City on 20-24 October 2014, were an important opportunity of dissemination in the framework of the Project. The topics were focused on movable artworks, and in particular Dr. Rodorico Giorgi, Dr. David Chelazzi, Dr. Michele Baglioni (CSGI), Dr. Laurent Bozec (UCL) and Dr. Jana Koalr (MRTD) reported on the work carried out on canvas, paper and parchement, talking about cleaning, strenghtening and pH control of these materials.

The conferences were held at the physics department of UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autonoma del Mexico), at the CNCPC (Coordinaciòn Nacional de Conservaciòn del Patrimonio Cultural) and at the ENCRYM (Escuela Nacional de Restauración, Conservación y Museografía) and they were thought for scientists, conservators and conservation students.


Ph: Michele Baglioni (*)


The conferences were organized by the Museo Nacionàl de Antropolgia y Historia (MNAH), partner of the NANOFORART project, and in particular by Dr Laura Filloy.


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(*) There's no kinship with the Project's coordinator, Piero Baglioni.


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